Scheduled Trip Dates

September 14 - 18 --- Slots still available contact us now to reserver your's

2019 Trip dates comming soon!

What is included in the multi day fossil dig?

During the multi day fossil dig you will be granted access to collect the M&M fossil ranch, a 365 acre ranch containing some of the best white river fossils out there. You will be granted access to the property from 9AM to 5PM. On our trips guests get to KEEP EVERYTHING THEY FIND. Find the holy grail and you get to take it home with you. At no point will we tell you something is scientifically valuable and take it from you to later sell it for a profit as some of our competitors do. It is just unfair and quite frankly a rip off do do things such as this. You will be provided with PVA or butvar and an application brush to assist in protecting your fossils before excavating them. You will also have access to burlap, plaster and aluminum foil to jacket your better fossil finds. Guides will always be present and able to assist with fossil collection, identification and excavation.

Where should I stay?

During your trip you can stay where ever you choose, however, i would highly recommend the high plains homestead. They have several nice cabin rooms and they are located within minutes of the ranch. You also have the option of staying in Crawford or Chadron and driving a bit each morning and evening. The cost of rooms and meals are not covered in the trip price and are the responsibility of the trip taker

What should i expect?

We will meet each morning slightly before 9AM. On the first day of the trip, the guide(s) will collect the waivers, reiterate all the rules, identify the property boundries and hand out any supplies. If there are any new comers on the trip the guide(s) will take you around for a bit, show you where to look and what to look for. If you have never collected a white river badlands site before its kind of like walking on the moon. When dry the formation is all sun bleached the same color and barren minus the fossils and crystals scattered in it. Once you get acclimated the guides will let you wander off and find fossils! At 5PM, after a long day of collecting, we head back to the drifter to eat.

There are a lot of fossils out there on the ranch but one should not expect to find a perfect skull or turtle each day or possibly each trip. Various factors such as recent erosion, collecting skill and just plain dumb luck factor heavily into the chances of finding these items. If you find something and you are unsure of how to preserve or extract the fossil, track down one of the guides and they will assist you. If you dig out a fossil skull or turtle, the location needs to be reported to one of the guides so it can be recorded and added to the site study.

The weather out there can vary greatly within the same day. It is highly recommended that you check the weather before coming out to determine the appropriate attire. There have been trips where we wake to 2" of snow on the ground and by the time breakfast ends it has melted, by noon it is ninety degrees. Rain gear is a must, collecting is allowed on the ranch via foot access during standard rain.

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