Past Fossil Expeditions


MARCH 26, 2016

The spring 2015 fossil Expedition was like none other before it. There have been some good fossil digs out on the ranch but this one just tops the cake. When all was said and done we found over fifty skulls and fifteen turtles. It seemed like every second of every day we were pulling something awesome out of the ground. This is for sure your atypical trip that happens every few years. The rains had pounded the area for a few months before our arrival. The very first day of the trip everyone had found a skull and a turtle. It was on the second day that the crazyness started with Marco finding his first cat of the trip a sweet dinictus skull(pictured below)

I was in the process of digging out what turned out to be a nice oreodont skull when my brother came running over to tell me he found the cat

The total epicness of this fossil expedition continued on. On the fourth day of the trip we had all found a few more oreodont skulls a turtle including a tiny one in excellent condition I was elated to find(pictured below).

There was about thirty minutes of daylight left when Dave came across a nice rhino skull on the hill side. I was sitting with him as he dug it out Marco came around the corner and identified that he had found another cat, this time a Hoplophoneus and this one had a good portion of the skeleton as well(Pictured very top of this post).

We continued to find a bunch more skulls and turtles for the remainder of the trip. Still in shock with the number of skulls we found on this trip, every day everyone found at least a skull and a turtle. This one will be remembered for years to come.