Past Fossil Expeditions

2018 MAFANA June Collecting Trip

2018 Collecting Season

Heavy rains feel on the ranch from april through july, exposing a plethora of nice fossils for our guests. The first group to get a shot at the M & M for the season was the Mid-Atlantic Fossil and Nature Adevtures group. In early june sixteen members of their organization decended onto the ranch for five days to plunder oligocene paleo treasures. At the end of the trip, eleven skull, nine turtle\tortoises and three native american artifacts had been found. What a great way to start the season. Nice group photo with paleo guide Mel, reading the rules to the group.

A bunch of tortoise\turtles were found during this trip. Here's a picture of a few of them.

Everyone wants to find a skull and this trip did not dissapoint. Some oreodont skulls in the ground and a squirell skull in the hand.

Close to twenty plaster jackets were made on this trip to protect the significant finds of the trip. Here's some pics of a few of them

With american indians having lived in this area for thousands of years prior. It is not uncommon to come accross some of their artifacts and other tools. Here's a sweet tool that was found in this trip.

As you can see, the first trip of the collecting season on the M & M was a smashing sucess, with tons of awesome fossils being found. So much of a sucess MAFANA has already locked up their trip spring and fall trip for the 2019 season