Past Fossil Expeditions

2018 June, Kevin and Leslie Fossil Collecting Trip

Kevin and Leslie got their shot at the Oligocene fossil treasures on the M & M in Late june 2018 It steadily rained for the firt three days of their five day trip. Rain is always a good thing on teh ranch and as usual this time was no exception. Between the two of then they ended up finding tw oredont skulls, a titanothere tooth, two tortoises and an ARTICULATED oreodont with the skull.

This was by far the find of the trip. Leslies articulated oreodont with skull. First pic is how she found it. Next is it fossil being dug around and fully exposed to be Jacketed. Next a foil jacket is added to protect teh specimen from the plaster. Lastly a plaster jacket is added to the fossils to assist in its removal from the field and protection during transport

While Kevin and guide Mel were digging out Leslies articulated oreodont, she found this awesome black tortoise about twenty yards away

Here is one of the oerodont skull found by kevin, still in the gound waiting to be extracted

Needless to say Kevin and Leslie left happy customers and have already booked their return trip for the 2019 season